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hey Amy, the first test. I sliced up a low res image and just tried to do something smooth and filmy (vs fast and glitchy) the hard edge of the “blurred” slices is a tragedy. with the extra kb I have discovered we have I may be able to trick in a nice actual “blurred edge” for the blurred edge, but even at the new 150kb limit it may not be viable as transparent pngs weigh a ton.


this is actually a 2+ meg gif (lol) just thought it would be an easier way to share it. the html5 files total about 50kb.. I was designing for 40kb but then saw the limit is 150kb.

please pardon my futura font, I don’t have the proper font on me and it’s just a test yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

also no worries if this just looks like a disaster to you! hahaha I appreciate the thought and it was interesting to see html5 limitations after all these years. oh and the “host initiated” mp4 limit of 1.1 megs is a massive amount of room but I’m not familiar at all with what heartache trying to serve an mp4 causes (for that matter I’m not familiar with what heartache trying to serve html5 would cause either).. but if serving up an mp4 is a normal thing to do nowadays, I could easily create a similar effect but with much better production values and I dare say it would be easy to keep within 1.1 megs at this size/length.

okay.. anyway here you go and thanks for the thought! I do appreciate it.